Working Parent vs SAHM

I have been thinking That am doing everything at home although I don’t work at an office.  I believe I work at home from doing the cooking to washing and changing the daipers.

Have you been thinking and doing the same too?

Then I insist you read all.

Yes we all work as a mom. There is no such thing as working mum or stay at home mum? Do you think the same too?

Then what do you do at home?

This is what I did.

1. Wake up early because the kids do wake up and weekdays they are off to school (it’s still 1 kid)


2. I do the house cleaning .

3. Dishes never ending though.

4. Cooking thrice or once depending on the day and sometimes takeaways.

5. Laundry almost everyday except weekends. I don’t wash but the washing machine does, mind you I put them to dry and fold it too (sometimes shove it in the cupboard)

6. Eat and drink whenever I want.

7. Wash my self. This can be anytime depending on the kids sleep time and always a very unrelaxing one because rushing out when the baby cries is most likely.

8. Watch some tv or give it to the toddler at home and watch on my phone.

9. Check the social media when am not busy and update my blog

10. Pick the kid up from school, I dont drive but going down to the building main entrance is also a big deal with 1 other kid

11. Get the elder washed and dressed

12 feed the children takes atleast half an hour and I feel like eating it all instead.

13. Let them play and sit back on the couch while browsing the internet and check mails

15. Wash them or change daipers

16. Teach them something or watch cartoon together

17. Make dinner while the kids mess the house

18. Clean house because daddy is gonna arrive

19. Serve dinner to all the kids

20. Put them to bed

Between all these I get to sit and relax atleast for a few minutes.

I get to nap if the kids accidentally fall asleep.

Am working but am free to do anything in any order except points 1, 10 and 12.

Yes as a stay at home mum we are all free to choose whether to cook, clean or do the laundry and whether its urgent or not.

But believe me we are working under our own kids for them and for us but we are not paid.

We are not in compulsion to do something as and when said.

We get to take a break and choose what to do when and how.

So we are not really having a bad time are we? After all it’s just streeful and not bad.

But as a working mum and dad we are experiencing a different level of stress.

We start our day early.

We travel amidst the heavy traffic

We go to work and get scolded for being 5 minutes late.

We need to prioritise our tasks and finish it then and there.

We gotta join the rat race to finish the job before it’s 5 or we need to stay over and complete. Because we are questioned.

We need to report what we did and how. While as a SAHM you don’t have to report to anyone.

If we miss a day we don’t get paid but as SAHM Your requirements are taken care of by your working partner.

Now lets stop thinking our husbands don’t do a damn work because working to get paid or earn is way tougher than we imagine.

You know why I write this?

Beacuse I am eligible to do so.

I lived a life as a stayat home mum and kept crying that I’ve gotta do all the house work with no help.

Now am a damn working mum who has realised working is not really fun.

And being a working mum is even double the job.20180209_190007-01-1512x2016



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