Winter in Dubai – 5 posts down memory lane

A walk down memory lane on my previous blog. It’s turning 6 years old and has been my go-to place during my expat life in Dubai. I am now back in Sri Lanka for my kid’s education. I have written many blog posts in Dubai and attended many Media events but in Sri Lanka, it’s nothing much but there is plenty of events that interest me. the hunt never stopped. I wonder how many of us read what we wrote. well at least I haven’t until today and my posts took me down memory lane.

yes during December there are many things I love about Dubai. Here are a few of them;

  1. The weather, it is amazing an I love taking walks. I am an outgoing personality and love roaming.
  2. the BBQ. we make it a habit to have a BBQ at the park or at home on a weekend. it was not charcoal chicken sometimes it was baked chicken too if at home.
  3. Baking! I love baking in December. it gives me a special feeling which can never be explained by words.
  4. Stews! I love a stew with bread and think its a must. the aroma of good stew takes away the tiring cleanups.
  5. The festive decoration. I love the lights and decorations all over Dubai which add to its beauty. 20170426_180428-756x1008

5 of my favorite posts

Winter memory  2012

published writer 2013

Global Village 2014

Stollen 2014

English stew  2014

Spitsburben  2015

This post is part of the UAE Mom Bloggers Festive Blog Hop.

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