Flag day and UAE national day are approaching this weekend and I can imagine the happenings, although am no more in Dubai I decided to write a post in memory of my 5 years in Dubai. Here are some of my favourite activities to celebrate the pride of the nation.

Cars decorated in flag colors or images that represent UAE can be seen all over the roads. Houses display the flag of UAE in a variety of sizes while stores sell balloons, caps, flags with “I love UAE” in them.

Last year in 2016 I got my son a bag of balloons in the UAE flag colors with I love UAE print and blew it. I also baked a few cookies And decorated like a UAE flag. I love UAE honestly, and am so imaging how it will be this time around.

I really miss living in Dubai but am settled here in my own country for good. However Dubai plays a major role in my life and every time I write, photograph or check social media it always reminds me of Dubai because that is where everything started in my career.

Where to go?

Fear nothing. Everywhere you go the pride of the nation is visible and we may feel it. Burj khalifa will be lit up with the UAE flag and there will be fireworks around. Global village is one place to enjoy the national day as they will have a variety of cultural shows on stage. Year before last the musical fountain at global village was played in UAE flag colors.

Get in the spirit. 

1. Bake a cake or cookies and share with your colleagues or friends.

2. Educate the kids on the flag colors and the country.

3. It’s a long weekend, make a flag, bake with kids or do some crafts

Here are a few links to check from my fellow blogger in UAE.

This post is part of the UAE Mom Bloggers Blog Hop for UAE’s National Day on December 2.

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If you are in UAE get along and enjoy the long weekend with UAE national day and prophet Muhammad birthday. Just watching them celebrate is also a great way to celebrate.



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