08 Ways I use Eggs

20171105_211408-01-1209x1612that egg on top had a double yolk and it looks like garfield to me. I sure have seen it on Instagram but not in my kitchen. I made this into a fried rice. Egg was my goto when I lived in dubai. Having moved back now I use eggs for making cakes mostly.


1. Scrambled Eggs

We had an argument on a video where the eggs were scrambled with a bit of milk, do you think that’s the traditional method?

Having a slice of bread with a couple of scrambled eggs is really a hearty breakfast to me.

2. Omlet

We add a few onions  and some chilli pieces, sometimes tomatoes too. It makes a good filling for a sandwich when seasoned with salt, pepper and chilli flakes, use the loaf bread and some butter inbetween for a better texture. Only for the kids Imake with  bit of cheese, roll  and cut to make circles.

Do you think omletts are old school?

3. Pouched eggs

I did a couple of videos on pouching the eggs. It’s kinda fun and delicious. I add itt o my sandwiches and eat.

4. Eggs and soldiers

When I herd of it I had no idea what is soldiers and was wondering if it’s because some serve the eggs with the shell.

It’s basically half boiled egg with a few slices of toasted bread served like thin fingers which are easily dipped in the egg and eaten. It is amazing and am craving one now.

5. Cakes

Well, cakes is one of those best recipes created using egg. There is nothing to say about a cake as we can have it plain or with a cup of tea, sometimes with fruits or a dap of icing anything goes.

I bake them alot and now it’s raining here giving me a mood to bake.

6. Pies

I use jamie olivers pie recipe and mostly with an egg for every 250 grams. Now there is something healthy in a pie because it’s got eggs. I gotta make them for the kids.

7. Pastries

We make pastries with egg filling. Talk about the seeni sambol and boiled eggs in pastries and am flying behind it, can you imagine? It’s soo good. Well, seeni sambol is a sri lankan spicy onion devil with a bit of sweetness.

8. Quiche

That’s basically baked omlette for me as an asian soul. But typically there is a way of doing it rather than throw a few ingredients and toss it in the pan.

Quiche can be made in a pie and called quiche pir or eaten as it is.



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